CEO Chat #11

CEO Chat

CDA has spent the past couple of years stabilising what we do, and contending with the challenges of covid and the huge rise in energy bills. However, this has enabled us to look at what we do, what we want to do and what we need to do – the list is endless!  

One of our key priorities is opening a hub in Carlisle, as mentioned in CEO chat #1. There was a slight delay due to some building work but it’s better and safer to wait, instead of rushing in and getting dusty.  The new Carlisle hub office is working well, it is being used to have small meetings and next month we start our social groups and activities. It will also provide additional support and advice to help people affected by the Cost of Living crisis. Much of the help has been inaccessible to the deaf community because you need to phone a helpline, or staff at warm spots don’t sign so people have come away not receiving the help they need. As soon as we have the days and times fixed, we will let you know.

In my diary this week has been a client review with their family and a social worker. It is vital that a deaf person who receives care and assistance to remain as independent as possible, receives some of that support by someone who signs. All our support workers are deaf and have built strong relationships with their clients, helping the clients make more choices for themselves because they have time with another deaf person to discuss their daily life. Communication is a key part of living well. Can you imagine not being able to converse with someone, in your own language, day to day? How isolating that would be? 

Continuing the theme of independence with a visit to Nine Oaks Housing Trust ( in Windermere.  Nine Oaks is a sheltered housing provider with lovely apartments and studios available, part of the monthly rent includes two meals a day, hand cooked on site. The gardens are glorious, full of colour and well-maintained. If I didn’t have reports to write I could have spent hours in the garden, with a cup of tea, enjoying the colourful, calm place.