CEO Chat #12

CEO Chat

Ringing in the changes quite literally sums this week up. On Saturday 1st April we welcomed Nicola Alloway as a full time, in-house interpreter with the CDA team.  It is purely coincidence that Karen, our senior interpreter, joined CDA on 1st April about 22 years ago. 

So, what could we possibly do to mark this special occasion?  We sent them out to interpret at Vesting Day events in Barrow and Kendal, alongside the town criers.  The events marked the formation of a new council, Westmorland and Furness covering south and east Cumbria. In the north and west a new council has formed called Cumberland. Some people may remember the boundary and names changes back in the 1970s, well we’ve changed again but Cumbria as a county remains.

We are Cumbria Deaf Association, and we remain Cumbria Deaf Association.

Our new in-house interpreter Nicola Alloway outside Barrow Town Hall
Our senior interpreter Karen Edmondson in Market Square Kendal