CEO Chat #15

CEO Chat

This week is a story of collaborative working with two organisations, where CDA is one of many partners joining up to create something wonderful and informative.

Thanks to funding from Copeland Council, prior to the reorganisation, a project is being led by DeafBlindUK to bring together support groups and organisations to put on events in west Cumbria. These events will be aimed at supporting visually and/or hearing-impaired people, and companies, groups or professionals who are able to support them.  The events will take place later this year. We will keep you posted when the dates are in the diary.

By coming together we can share a breadth or experience and resources. Many people, especially in challenging times, seek to keep tight hold of their ‘piece of the pie’ however, we are great believers in working together to make the pie bigger, rather than scratching about for crumbs. 

Another wonderful collaboration is the project called Helping Hands Cumbria, established to help encourage people who wouldn’t ordinarily think of volunteering to give it a go.  Each of the partner venues has volunteers in place who can support people as they take their first steps in volunteering, and there is some funding available to help people access opportunities if they require adaptations or the venue needs specific training to better support someone e.g. deaf awareness training, bus fare, safety boots. Please have a look at