CEO Chat #22

CEO Chat

Another week of meetings, some planned, some spur of the moment sessions but all very welcome and future facing.

One of the unplanned meetings found myself, Greer (office manager) and Becky (business administrator) sitting in the café at Rheged as we had an office team meeting. Although we are often in the same building, we are so busy that we don’t get time to stop and plan for the future. So, whilst we enjoyed a lovely breakfast we discussed any outstanding issues, suggested new processes, and planned for the future.

On the 13th June it was the one year anniversary of the burglary at the Kendal centre. Even now we are just finishing off some repairs and getting rid of the physical damage to the building. Thankfully, we have moved on from the emotional upset – the benefit of a strong team and a great community. 

Whilst three of us were in Penrith, Karen, Lucy and Kelly were in Carlisle doing their fire safety training. On one of the hottest days of the year they were busy learning how to safely extinguish fires and keep people safe.

On Tuesday evening I was treated to a mini tour of Barrow Town Hall as part of their micro grants information session. The Barrow Deaf Club and CDA have a lot of paperwork, photos and information held in peoples own stories and experiences. We will be submitting an application to the fund to start capturing the history and tales of life, all to be produced in BSL and English.

It is important that we capture the past, delight in the present and reach for the future with open arms and positivity. I am ever grateful that we as a community and organisation have people who really champion our services and that great candidates apply for new positions as they are advertised. Next week we will be interviewing for two roles, a Support Work Team Leader and a Community Engagement Coordinator. These roles will be delivering services within the community and supporting existing staff.