CEO Chat #23

CEO Chat

One of the best things about CDA is the team and how we pull together to support each other, whether it’s in projects, stapling papers, making calls, covering appointments, helping find the right words and phrases when our minds go blank etc. Yes, this camaraderie can be found in many places but for me, when it is in an organisation that is for a close to the heart topic, seeing such a high level of teamwork coupled with support it is apparent to everyone we meet.

Recently we shared the news about a week-long showcase of the CDA community that featured on BBC Radio Cumbria. You can read the transcript here. It makes for interesting reading about the past and present of the CDA community.

Transcript PDF Download (321 KB)

Tuesday was history day for the Barrow Deaf Club at the coffee morning. Members were looking over archives, old photos, press cuttings etc to see if they could add any details to the old papers. Later this year we start celebrating our 130th anniversary and hope to be able to display some of our archives for all to see.

On Wednesday it was my turn to open up Barrow Deaf centre for the coffee morning drop-in session where I was joined by Harriet (student volunteer) and Nicola (interpreter). I did my best to practice my signing however, I am a long way off from being confident in more than taking the tea and coffee orders – but that’s still an important task at a coffee morning. Yes, it is important that a CEO gets involved in some of the day-to-day activities, whether it’s cleaning or making the brews, everything contributes to creating a welcoming space for visitors. 

In the afternoon I had the pleasure of being the speaker at a group at Women’s Community Matters in Barrow. It’s an informal session, no power point or jumping around on a stage. It’s more like a chat about who I am and what CDA does, and is planning for the future. The group were surprised to find out that there had been a deaf church in Barrow – the women are now off on a history mission! By making connections across the community we can share, learn and support each other. I asked the women if they would be happy to create something special for an event we will hold in November in Barrow, of course tea and coffee will be on offer.

Friday was a day full of showcasing our enthusiasm whilst we interviewed candidates for two new roles, Community Engagement Coordinator and Support Work Team Leader. We look forward to the successful candidates taking up post in September and moving us forward by offering more community support across the county.