CEO Chat #25

CEO Chat

Wow! 25 of these weekly blogs done. That means we’re nearly halfway through the year.  I feel like I blinked and June came and went. All the busy-ness has been fabulous.

My Outlook diary helps me to be in the right place, in all areas of my life. It has all my work appointments in, reminders to book tickets, road closures, hair appointments and, some might say most importantly, dog sitting for a friend’s small brown dog. During the second day of Mental Health First Aider training we were reminded to ensure we take time to care for ourselves by taking time out and focusing on what makes us happy. I probably should set regular time aside for ‘me time’ but, sometimes you must be flexible and adjust the day accordingly. Clearly, the small brown dog has mastered the art of relaxing at every opportunity.

As I approach 50, I have been through many of life’s ups and downs and often reflect upon the impact that previous managers had on me during these challenging times. It is important that employees feel, and are supported, because in people terms it makes for better business – it’s also the right thing to do! Six months ago this approach led to us signing the Age Positive Employer Pledge. This week I have a review call to discuss what we have done and how we approach working with a broad range of ages in the organisation. 

On Thursday morning I was at a Trustees meeting to present the recent activity and discuss the forward plan. I am glad that CDA has trustees who understand the third sector and have great commercial skills to ensure we are relevant and moving in the right direction. I was able to report on the plan for our recent recruits who are due to start in September. We set the date for the AGM, which is Saturday 9th September at 10:30am at our Kendal centre, formal invitations going out soon. You will be most welcome to come and see what we’ve done, our plans, meet the team, our volunteers and the trustees. If you are interested in becoming a trustee with CDA, please contact me or the office.  Our meetings are held quarterly online, BSL interpreters are available, and papers are issued prior to the meetings with as much information as possible – it helps keep the meetings focussed on the bigger issues. When something out of the norm, good or bad, happens I email our trustees so that they are included and amongst the first to know. 

Now, this week I have some time off to tackle the boxes that were put into cupboards, under beds etc two years ago when my husband and I moved into our new home. No doubt, this week will fly by but the promise of being able to find some things that are hidden in the darkest corner will be a great reward.