CEO Chat #26

CEO Chat

Last week didn’t turn out to be a week of decluttering things however, it was a week of small personal achievements.

For many years I have been a Member of the Institute of Leadership.  In recent year I have been working towards gaining Fellowship accreditation. With a few days off I was able to knuckle down to complete some long overdue studying and complete e-learning modules demonstrating different leadership dimensions. It is important to take time out to study and reflect upon your own leadership.

So, the cupboards and corners of clutter remain undisturbed, but I feel refocused and have new ideas to implement over the coming months.

I came back into the office to be greeted with a lovely letter from someone sending us a donation on behalf of their brother, with a beautiful hand-written note. It made my day that someone had taken the time to write a note rather than rush off an email. I often hand-write thank you notes, as it was what I was brought up to do. Old habits die hard, but some are worth keeping.