CEO Chat #28

CEO Chat

Oh how I do love the meetings that are plotting and scheming for future activities, especially when done alongside a motivated and often overly excited team! Enthusiasm abounds and it seems that much of it is due to September still feeling like a new term, with fresh beginnings, expanding services etc. Plus, another successful interview was held, further expanding our support services team.

With the new starters joining in September, we have asked the Vineyard Hub if we can move to one of their larger rooms to use as our office. Having lots of windows it gives lots of daylight and improved visibility for anyone coming to visit us. We’ll soon add our distinctive bubbles branding to the windows to help people find us. The date of the regular Carlisle group starting is 16th August – keep your eyes on our events page and Facebook for more information.

I attended another wonderfully insightful learning lunch, courtesy of the Cumbria Chamber of Commerce Growth Hub project. This week it was a guide on how to write a high-level business plan. As CDA grows our planning becomes more detailed it is important to set time aside for looking closely at our goals and ambitions. At our AGM on Saturday 9th September, we will share our 10 key objectives for 2023/2024.

On Saturday I was at the Kendal centre to join the Kendal Deaf Club and friends for their summer BBQ. Typically, it was raining, but an indoors BBQ was just as good.

Whatever the weather brings we must always look for the silver lining – this week it is the promise of a colourful autumn because the trees have enjoyed plenty of rain through the summer.  So, as with life, we accept the good with the bad.