CEO Chat #39

CEO Chat

Sometimes at CDA there are so many things happening that it is difficult to know where to start or what to include in my little updates.

As a deaf organisation hands and history are so important so that’s what I will focus on this week.

Over the years the history and records of CDA have moved from office to office. We are now in the process of starting to sort and collate our historic records, memoirs and artefacts to return them to their original ‘homes’. One such item was the original British Deaf Association membership certificate for Barrow Deaf Club from 2nd February 1948. We know the language on the certificate is very old-fashioned and not appropriate today but, we know it is important to preserve history and explain how society and its attitude changes over time. 

Occasionally it does us good to slow down and look at things in a calmer manner, rather than rushing from one task to another.  So, my arthritis decided to force me to slow down, leaving me to type one-handed which isn’t really very easy.  I took my time to reflect on recent weeks and how we are doing since my last post in February.  I looked back over the weeks and delighted in the continued slow and steady progress we are making as we recover from being de-banked last year.