CEO Chat #4

CEO Chat

One of the best things about living in the beautiful county of Cumbria is the landscape, and its history and heritage. 

This week it has been a delight to do more work with the National Trust Fell Foot, Newby Bridge. They host an accessibility forum for local providers who support people with disabilities, sensory loss etc that helps shape the development of the site and aids planning for events to improve access, wherever possible and learning from others by training their staff and volunteers. As with all things, it takes time to get things right but I applaud the team at Fell Foot for investing time and enthusiasm to accessibility. Find out more by visiting

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of attending a careers fair at Appleby Grammar School, hosted by Inspira. These events enable CDA to explain the many and varied roles available if you choose to learn British Sign Language (BSL), either as an option or as a main focus of study with a view to becoming a sign language interpreter.  It can take 6-7years to become a fully qualified sign language interpreter, so it’s important that we keep encouraging the next generation of interpreters now.

CDA at a careers fair at Appleby Grammar School
CDA at a careers fair at Appleby Grammar School

Yes, technology is advancing every day but there will always be a need to face-to-face interpreters. Could you imagine being deaf and having to give birth with an online interpreter assisting you? Would you like to be arranging a funeral of a loved one, whilst using an online service? NO. Everything has a time and place, online services are fantastic for straightforward, practical matters but when it’s personal, the interpreting should be too.