CEO Chat #7

CEO Chat

Here we are, slowly emerging from the darkest days of winter and looking forward to spring.

As humans we often look forward with hope and look back with a nostalgic eye, especially when considering the history of CDA.

Every so often, as we sift through old papers we come across old photos, papers, reports etc. Many of which help add greater understanding to what we are today.

One such document we stumbled upon last week is the sales particulars of our Kendal centre. Now we have a better idea of how the building looked before it was purchased for CDA, through a mammoth fundraising endeavour by the Friends of Kendal Deaf Centre.

Also last week we had a building survey carried out, to help us direct our focus on a planned schedule of significant repairs, insulation improvements and cosmetic works.

Our buildings need lots of attention to ensure they are fit for purpose to provide a safe, warm place for people to gather, and as offices for all the administration that supports our work in the community.