Health & Well-being Sessions

Kendal town

During the next few months Cumbria Deaf Association will be organising a series of health and well-being related sessions, based on topics put forward by the local Deaf Community.

Funding has been given in recognition that one of the biggest problems encountered by the Deaf community in Cumbria is accessing meaningful information in their own language. The sessions will bring together members of the Deaf Community in their own environment and offer information, advice and guidance in BSL and by doing so, will provide a significant contribution towards meeting outcomes desired by the County Council.

This is part of the Place Based Services programme (formerly the Neighbourhood Care Independence programme), funded by Cumbria County Council and managed by Cumbria Community Foundation. It is a partnership of third sector delivery organisations across the county; a partnership we have been pleased to be part of for the past four years.

We would welcome anyone who would like to be involved to get in touch for more details.