Kendal College Students Raise Money for CDA

This month Caroline went to give a short presentation to a group of young people at Kendal College, who were taking part in the National Citizenship Scheme. She told them a little bit about the challenges she faced at school because people weren’t always very deaf aware and, explained how her hearing loss impacted her career.

The group of young people were inspired by the work of Cumbria Deaf Association and chose it to be the focus of their social enterprise project. The following week they arranged a home-baked cake sale in the Westmorland Shopping Centre in Kendal. They raised £334.20 and have donated it all to CDA.

Not only did they fundraise but they also created a poster to help promote deaf awareness and created a short film about the work of CDA.

It’s great to see young people getting involved and taking the time to help others. We are ever so grateful to them.