Deaf Awareness Training

Is your business or organisation deaf aware? Are your services accessible to customers with a hearing impairment? Would you know how to assist somebody with a hearing impairment? Our deaf awareness course will give you the skills to answer yes to those questions.

Want to learn more? Contact our team of qualified experienced tutors who will offer you a bespoke course to meet your needs and fit in with the time you have available.

Would you like a nationally recognised qualification in Deaf Awareness for your Continuing Professional Development portfolio?

A very informative course, opened my eyes to the emotional impact of hearing loss. I thought I had an understanding of Deaf people – I didn’t!

Are you Deaf Aware?

Not sure if you are deaf aware. Test yourself by answering True or False to the following statements.

  1. One in ten people will experience hearing loss during the course of their life
  2. There are around 25,000 Deaf people in the UK who use British Sign Language
  3. Hearing aids help the wearer hear all sounds loudly
  4. Deaf people are expert lip readers
  5. Only 50% of words can be easily seen on the lips
  6. Sign Language is universal
  7. Profoundly deaf people cannot hear anything
  8. Speaking slowly helps lip reading
  9. hearing aids should be checked at least every two years
  10. British Sign Language was developed in the early 19th century by teachers of the deaf

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