Tablets For Health

Signing to tablet interpreting via screen

Do you want to see changes to how Deaf people access the Health Service? Are you fed up with the way things have always been? Are you over 18, a British Sign Language user and living in Cumbria? Now you can be part of the changes we want to see in the Health Service for Deaf people.

Cumbria Deaf Association is in partnership with Sign Health to find out how access to the Health Service can be improved with a live link to a BSL interpreter, on a computer tablet.

You could use a computer tablet to take with you to all your health care appointments. The interpreter will be on the computer screen to interpret your appointment.

An interpreter in your pocket!

Sign Health are managing this project so that we can gather evidence to show how important it is that Deaf people have the same access to the Health Service as hearing people.

You could be part of a group of Deaf people who use the computer tablet to interpret your health care appointments for 1 year. At the end of that year the tablets will be given to a second group to use for 1 year. This is a 3 year project.

If you want to be part of the biggest changes in the Health Care provision for Deaf people sign up to this research project now!