Thanks to LDNPA

CDA presenting thank you plaque to LDNPA

When the River Kent swept uninvited into Cumbria Deaf Association’s Kendal Centre in December 2015, locally based staff members were left without a base to operate from.

A silver lining from Storm Desmond was that it showed that the Kendal community is packed with people willing to help those in need. In this case it was the Lake District National Park Authority who came to the rescue. On learning about our problem the LDNPA not only offered us office space in their Murley Moss head office, they also furnished it and provided a printer and internet facilities.

We enjoyed their generosity and hospitality throughout 2016 while our Kendal Centre was undergoing repairs and refurbishment. Just before Christmas, with the bulk of the work completed, we were able to move back to the office. LDNPA wished us well and even donated office furniture and equipment to take with us.

Martin Curry, LDNPA’s Property Services Manager, explained that “our flood recovery programme across the National Park, particularly for damaged rights of way or buildings, remains a massive task. However, being able to host you in your hour of need was something we were delighted to be able to do – both for your own sakes, but also as a gesture of support for Kendal”.

As a small token of appreciation, Greer Shepherd, CDA’s Tablets for Health Project Worker, presented Richard Leafe, Chief Executive of LDNPA with a plaque inscribed with our sincere and wholehearted thanks.