Cumbria County Council Questionnaire

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Cumbria Deaf Association’s long standing service contract to supply a specialist Social Work service for Deaf people expires at the end of December 2017. We have received notice from Cumbria County Council that it intends to take this specialist service for Deaf people “in house”.

Alongside this decision the Council has developed a questionnaire and Commissioning Officer Ann Tye says,

“Please find attached a questionnaire for your interest and attention. Cumbria County Council wants to review, improve and develop advice, information, care and support services for people who are d/Deaf, or hard of hearing, and/or their Carers. We want you to tell us your experiences, views and ideas about how information, advice, care and support services could be better designed and delivered if you are d/Deaf, hard of hearing, or have dual sensory loss; if you offer care or support to a relative or friend with hearing loss or dual sensory loss; or you work with or know anyone who is d/Deaf, hard of hearing, or has dual sensory loss.

The opportunity for you to share your thoughts with us will last from the end of November 2017 to mid-January 2018 by completing the attached questionnaire by 13th December 2017, or completing an online questionnaire on a dedicated webpage which is translated in British Sign Language [BSL], or attending a Focus Group in January 2018 having communication support for those attending. The online questionnaire can be accessed at

If you would like to pass on the details of the questionnaire please do so.”

Cumbria Deaf Association urges you to participate in this questionnaire and the upcoming Focus Groups. It is a huge opportunity to contribute towards the development of the accessible and equitable provision of services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people throughout Cumbria.