Deaf awareness for Driving Instructors

Deaf Awareness for Driving Instructors

On Saturday 15th July 2017 we organised a deaf awareness driving project.

In the morning we ran a deaf awareness session to raise awareness of what deafness is, the different levels of deafness and how this impacts the lives of those who have a hearing loss. The session was for driving instructors giving hints and tips so they can successfully teach deaf or hearing impaired students. One of our young people also took part in this session to give the driving instructors first hand experience of what she struggles with and how they can help her with communication.

In the afternoon 6 young people came to have driving lessons so the instructors could try out their new knowledge and so the young people could have a driving lesson in a safe environment. Parents were able to talk to the instructors to see how the young people got on and what the main concerns may be with their young person learning to drive in the future. SP Training who provided us with classroom space for the deaf awareness session also provided off road space at the airport for the lessons. They very kindly provided 2 of their trucks and instructors for the young people to have a go in as well.

Everyone had a really enjoyable time and we would like to express our thanks to SP Training, Smiths Driving School and Pearse Coghlan for their time and contribution. Here are some of the comments that we received after the session.

‘Hollie is still buzzing, thanks to everyone concerned who helped make this happen.’

‘What a great afternoon, everyone had smiles on their faces and all enjoyed, even the parents. Thanks to SP Training, the driving instructors and Mr Barnes.’

‘Jamie and Ralph really enjoyed the afternoon BIG thank you to all concerned’

This project was in partnership with the National Deaf Children’s Society, Carlisle and Eden Deaf Children’s Society and SP Training.